<div style="text-align:center;"><p class="poem">I dedicate this site<br>to those ancient cowboys<br>whose languages, cultures, and descendants<br>cover the earth.</p></div> <p style=" margin-left: 30%; margin-right: 30%;text-align:center;font-family:monaco;text-size:20px;background:grey;">[email protected]</p> Welcome to **`indo-european.wiki`**, a site which aims to serve as a bibliography for Indo-European cultural reconstruction. You'll find pages on everything from poetic [[formulas]] and literary [[▲]], to prehistoric [deities](gods.md), [conversion](syncretism-conversion-isation.md), various [visual guides](figs-charts-visuals.md), and even some other proto-peoples like the [[proto-austronesians]]. It is somewhat like Mallory and Adams' 1997 [Encylopedia](EIEC.md). The project began in 2019, and it contains over 8570 pages as of Jan 2024. Learn more [[~about]] the project, go to the [[~home]] page, or meet the curator [Erick Dodge](dodge.md). For the latest research: type "2023" into the searchbar. ![](publish/pie-homeland.jpg) ^image source: [[bjorn2017]] `*` = PIE Etyma ▲ = Motifs/Narratives ● = Ideas ■ = Poetic phrases/formula Semantic Field △